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CDKL5 UK seeks to provide a valuable resource for all those affected by, or interested in, the CDKL5 condition. The site is divided into professional and family zones to help you navigate more quickly to the information you require. We hope that professionals, families, and carers alike will find information to assist you in navigating your way around this complex disorder.

Find resources that have been created for parents of children who have been diagnosed, or are yet to be diagnosed with CDKL5. Find out how you can help us to help you.
Learn about CDKL5 Disorder and how it affects children, adults and their families. Find out about latest research and scientific updates. This section is suitable for all medical, scientific, education, health and social care professionals.
Whether you are a family member or carer, a professional or just interested in CDKL5, in this section you will find all the resources that are available on this site in one place. Check our fundraising page and see how you can become a #cdkl5champion.